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grad hab ich mir meinen sommer gemalt
mit farben aus betrunkener qualm
wie übergroßer pullover mit tuch,
zwei köpfen unter einer decke
wie zugabteil und verwandtenbesuch.
7.3.07 15:12

»listen boys, this is a warning: don’t waste my time! if you’re not able to fall in love with me, just go on and have a fucking therapy!«

*räuberhöhle !
14.2.07 23:42

"es bedarf so wenig ich zu sein und ich mache es schon so lange - so wenig sein, so wenig bedeutendes tun. aber der größte teil von mir schwebt darüber und sieht zu. als wäre es nicht mein körper. ein teil von mir weiss etwas, das er dem rest um keinen preis verraten darf." *zitat ende*
31.1.07 23:04


We sit and we sigh
And nothing gets done
So right, so clued-up
We just get old

And all the while
Been torn asunder

And bacteria

What are we coming to
What are we gonna do
19.4.06 17:07

the people

Not looking for reasons, not trying to understand
Not trying to catch your eye, not trying to touch your hand
Not trying to show you a part of me no one else can find
But I will bring a song to you, who will buy my time?

The people get philosophical and say there is no future
I am trying to tear myself away from your eyes
The people get philosophical and say there is no future
Nothing is as blinding as your eyes

Not watching the seasons, watching days flow by
No quenchless autumn breezes, late tomorrow skies
Are you frightened by the moment? i softly lie
Where i thought i would always be, i let myself get by

The people
Get by

Not looking for an ending to make the pieces fit
Need is always pending on how much you can get

Get by you now
Get on you now
14.8.06 20:58

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